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    Deploying 3rd Party Software


      I am trying to deploy a Third-Party Exe installer to every desktop, regardless if the previous version is installed or not. (It's McAfee Agent 4.8 if it matters.)


      Overview of my current setup:

      Prereq: when either ProcArch=x86 or ProcArch=x64

      Command Line Install

      I have the content on my network: download URL: \\Server\Package.exe

      Yes, Use the Package Boot Helper

      ----Triggers client to server update after install

      Include additional files with the package: packageboot.xml and packageboot.exe

      Applicability Rules:  when either ProcArch=x86 or ProcArch=x64

      Installed Rules:  when either ProcArch=x86 or ProcArch=x64


      Any suggestions based on this information? Or is there a tutorial on how to create a third-party package that's deployed even if the software hasn't installed yet?


      I've tried using the Update Management wizard to force the update even if it's already installed, and that has not worked yet either.