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    Minor issue in "Advanced Syslog Summary" who-column link...

    Craig Norborg

      Something I just noticed, if you go into the "Advanced Syslog Summary" resource and you set it for a non-default time period, lets say 24 hours (I think the default is past-hour).  There is a "who" link that is very useful in that it tells you all the nodes that have produced that particular syslog message.  When I click on that link, it always takes me to the correct page, but instead of having the time period set to 24 hours (in this example), its always set back to "Past Hour"...    This is even though the URL seems to reflect that it should be for the past 24 hours  (ie:  'yourdomain.com//Orion/NetPerfMon/AdvSysLogWho.aspx?timee=Last%2024%20Hours&MessageType=LINK-3-UPDOWN&severity=3'



      See how even though the URL above shows "Last%2024%20Hours" in it, but yet it brings up the "Past Hour" page still?   There isn't even an "EDIT" button to allow me to change it.



      Bug maybe?   Anyone else seeing this behavior?