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    internet proxy server


      The install guide is a little vague when it comes to installing just the internet proxy component. During the intital Advanced install on the proxy server, do I need to install the DameWare Server, DameWare Server Administration Console, DameWare Remote Support, and the DameWare Mini Remote Control components or just the DameWare Server component?

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          I only installed the Dameware Central Server.

          When going through the set up I came to the Internet Proxy Server configuration.

          When Testing, It would always fail.


          I needed to extend the following ports from my Router to my Computer.

          443, 6130, 6132, and 6133 <Going off Memory, but I believe these are the correct ones.

          I called my Internet provider to get the router login. They showed me how to extend the ports.

          Once I went back to the Internet Proxy Test, It worked great.


          When copying the Link and pasting it to my bowser to verify the connection, it fails every time.

          It Is so frustrating getting this far, only to find that the Internet Proxy still wont work.


          Hope this helps

          Sarissa Farman

          Dot Cubed, Inc.