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    Is there a way to create custom dashboards on a per user basis?


      I am interested in creating multiple custom dashboards in the Network Performance Monitor.  Some dashboards would include only routers and switches, while others would only include specific groups of servers.  The purpose of having multiple dashboards is to display different information on different kiosk screens.  I thought I found my answer under Home > Custom Summary, but that isn't the solution.  Is there a way for a user to have his own "personal" dashboard or a way to toggle between multiple dashboards?

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          I created a custom property called "owner" and while this is more group specific in my case, you could apply it to individual users as well.  With the custom property defined on all of the devices, you would then modify the view of the dashboard elements to Filter Nodes (SQL) and Owner = "xyz user"  Depending on how many users you have this may be an incredible amount of work but would accomplish what you are trying to do - display on dashboard, that limits its content based on that how that custom property is filled out.

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            One thing we've done is use account limitations to give users the feeling that what they are seeing is tailored to them by limiting what they see to the devices they are supposed to see.  If there is a general consensus with the view layout in terms of resources on the page, this would be a route to consider.  If you are looking at each user having a view with specific devices and resources, you'd have to go into Settings > Manage Views and create a new summary view for each that you would then assign them under their account in Manage Accounts.  You can also enable Left Tab Navigation on a summary view in order to add other summaries giving the person the ability to click to each tab to see a different summary while keeping a page less busy.  If you want to automate that, you can also enable the noc view for the summary.



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              I find that groups are useful in controlling what you want specific users (or user groups, if using AD) to see or have access to. If they all have the same access but need different views you could use the AD groups for the accounts.

              Each OU could be set different to Home Page View. Manage this in your account settings per individual user or each user group.  This will change the first page that loads when a user logs into the web interface.




              You can also create more / new summaries and add links to your menu bars.

              I find another way to control(or suggest) what some people view is to fashion your menu bar's with the things that you want them to look at normally.

              That way you are not the only one watching key elements as others log in and out. Having the team see items of importance I find helps with the pro activeness of troubleshooting.