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    (SEATTLE-WA) NOC Network Engineer


      I am looking for a senior member of technical staff to work on first shift in the Network Operations Center.

      I am after someone who

      enjoys troubleshooting vlans, spanning tree, MPLS, BGP, OSPF, and VRRP in a multivendor environment

      can discuss the interpretation of RFCs with vendors

      work to ensure the network is properly monitored, but counts success by the number of syslog messages and traps we no-longer receive.

      can mentor other NOC staff.


      These are the networks we monitor and troubleshoot: http://www.pnwgp.net/; http://pacificwave.net/; K-20 Education Network; as well as the campuses of the University of Washington, and the UW Medicine hospitals and clinics.


      The formal job advert is here: University of Washington Employment - Network Engineer


      If you want to talk with me about this then feel free to email me at rjletts@uw.edu