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    Alert Central Stops Processing Alerts


      We are using Alert Central v1.1.6 and had this issue occur more than once where alert notifications are no longer received from Orion. In the past, we have recycled the appliance and we are good for a few days but then we continued to have the problem until we tested out another Orion source configuration with the same parameters as the first source and we began to receive alerts again. At this point we are confused as why this happens and having to regularly recycle or re-create sources with rules will be painful. I have attached logs, hopefully they will help.

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          According to logs the Orion alert source was deleted, I can't see any error or problem in the logs (except that Alert Central can't fetch emails).


          How integration with Orion is working:

          • Alert Central subscribes to Orion to receive notifications about Alert changes
            • the subscription is registered with the currently determined address of the Alert Central
            • address is determined from OS or from the HTTP request which initiates the Orion alert source creation
              • you can check the hostname on the Alert Central appliance with the "hostname" command (you need to log in to the linux console using SSH - for examle using Putty application)
          • Orion sends notification to Alert Central about changes in alerts
            • when the address of the Alert Central changes, or is not accessible from the Orion server, the Alerts aren't processed anymore by Alert Central (Orion can't reach the Alert Central to send information about alerts in Orion)

          Can you make sure that the Alert Central address was not changed? Or was there any manipulation with VM snapshots (reverting snapshot of Alert Central or Orion VM)?