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    Trying to make a Filtered top 100 conversations


      So I'm trying to make a filtered top 100 conversations to contain only two of our nodes. If I try to input a condition saying that "Node Name is equal to nodename" I get no results to display, I've also tried System Name and Node ID, I know traffic is going over the node so there should be conversations.


      essentially I duplicate the "top 100 conversations -last 24 hours"

      under custom table it says "For 'Conversations DataSource' from 'last 24 Hours' " next to 'Conversations DataSource' I click edit

      Then I hit Add Condition:

      Where - at least one child condition must be satisfied (OR)

                          Node ID/Node Name/System Name is equal to Node ID/Node Name/System Name


      then when I hit next to preview I get no results in it.