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    FTP Voyager Service Keeps Hanging Up




      I’m working in a situation in which FTP voyager is being used in a Saas ERP scenario, in conjunction with Seagull’s Commander/Bartender suite.  The Saas ERP system is generating a data file, which is saved to an FTP site, hosted by the ERP Vendor.  We’ve been using FTP voyager (as a service) on the bartender server to poll the site and retrieve data files back to the bartender server.  Once the files are “onsite” the commander application runs with them and sends them to a printer.  Sounds easy enough.


      The problem were experiencing is that FTP voyager is hanging up.  It hung up twice today, and the data files backed up on the FTP site until we restarted the service, upon which all the files were sucked over and the service returned to business as usual--until it hung up again.  Any idea what might be the problem or what the best way might be to trouble-shoot the problem?


      A couple of other points: The site is password protected.  The files we are pulling are small (<10KB) and we’re not pulling a lot of them (<100/Day).  We are polling the site every 30 seconds.  And this was never working well—we played around running it without the service and it failed even more frequently than it has as a service.


      I’d appreciate any insight.

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          1. Do you have logs for when the hangups occur?
          2. Do you have administrator access to the FTP server?
          3. Can you get logs for the FTP server as well?
          4. What FTP server is Voyager connecting to (e.g. Serv-U, Filezilla, etc.)?
          5. If nothing stands out in the logs, then you could use WireShark to analyze packets.  This is useful if you believe some network interference might be at play.