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    Universal Device Poller and Firewall Rules




      I am moving all of our devices from one monitoring server to another on a new network.  From the old server, I could reach most internal devices without passing through a firewall.  On the new server, however, there are one or more firewalls involved. I am not a network technician, so each time I run into connectivity issues, I have to get my network team to investigate what is blocking my requests.


      I've finally got almost everything talking again (it's been a challenge!) but I'm running into a problem with Universal Device Pollers.  I presumed that having SNMP open on the firewall, and successfully polling devices would be enough, but apparently it's not, as my pollers still work from the old server but tell me "OID is not supported" when testing from the new server. 


      What am I missing?  Is there a specific port that needs to be opened to allow requests from the UDP?


      Thanks for any help.