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    IPMonitor 10.8.2 Green icon change to grey when digging down into smart folder.


      I've been playing with version 10.8.2 and i've notived that when I am at a top level and getting into a group with Smartgroup bellow and that I'm click on one of those smartgroup, the rest of the smart group will change to gray letting only the one I've clicked on green. Is this a new feature. It was not like this on my 10.0 built 1371


      On picture  1.jpg, i'm at the root of Canada, I see 3 green Icon. On Picutre 2.jpg I've click on "C" to have an advance view of device under this smartgroup. Sudenly "N" and "S" turn into Gray. When I click on them, the green icon follow my click like if it was only showing me the active folder status. Message was edited by: Jean-Denis Tremblay