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    Orion Report Scheduler not working


      I've created custom reports via report writer, create report job via Orion Report Scheduler, and able to run it successfully while I'm currently logged on to the server via console connection. The issue arises here is that my created scheduled jobs on Report Scheduler is not running whenever my server session via console is kicked out. Orion Core version is 2011.1.1, NPM version is 10.1.3 & Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard edition is the O/S version where NPM is installed. Appreciate your inputs here in order to resolve this issue.

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          In the Windows Scheduled task, make sure the job is set to run whether the user is logged in or not.  I'd also recommend changing the credentials from yours to a service account with administrative access to the server, along with using a local Orion account in the Orion Report Scheduler, such as admin, or create a user called Reports.  This will ensure that the job has enough permissions to run, and the scheduled report has the correct credentials to pull the report.



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            Thanks for the very swift reply. I will try all of your suggestions and let you know on the results.