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    Can one pick up a new interface description on an "unmanaged interface"?


      We had to do something about our interface polling... 27000 interfaces, of which less than half were of interest and that we wanted performance data kept.   So after talking to my friendly Solarwinds SE, he suggested writing code to update the interface comments, with my wishes according to standards - essentially - any interface with a description get performance data kept.  others (default ) we were to unmanage.   once all the comments were set (every night job), then we can use the "manage nodes" GUI to select "by comments" the "unmanage" and set them to unmanaged (until 2099 it seems).   so far so good .   we cut our polling  in half... yay.


      now .... the deal I had with the LAN switch folks was that if they wanted an interface to be re-managed later on, all they needed to do was add a description on it and the code above would detect it in the 30 min rediscovery poll interval  (if has interface description and unmanaged=true, then candidate for reinstatement).   all good. 





      it seems that even after the rediscovery re-poll is past due (or manually done), the interface description does NOT update if the interface is unmanaged.     is that expected?   if I remanage the interface, then the next discobvery poll picks up the new description verbiage.   dang



      is this true?   is there a setting somewhere to overcome this?