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    How to determine what groups are actually available with the DS Query Tool


      I have seen in several environments that I can add any and all user groups using the DS Query Tool, but then in the same environment only see 1 or 2 machine groups.


      Typically, the ones I can see and show up as "available" when creating DS groups are nested inside of defaults like "Builtin". When I go to the folders for things like "Laptops" or "Servers", I can see all of the organization on the left side, but no groups ever show up as "available" on the right.


      I'm assuming this has something to do with the way that the structure has been built in AD/LDAP; but I have not been able to get a solid confimation through the KBs or Admin Guides.


      Any official insight as to why I can see users and not machines? Is this just bad luck over and over or is there a known "issue" that may be causing this?


      For reference, I have seen this in Active Directory and Novell networks and while using normal and elevated credentials with the DS Query Tool.