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    Alerts not getting imported


      We have started using Alert Central to manage our alerts. Emails from our Veeam servers don't get imported into Alert Central. If I forward the same email from my email account then it will get imported? I have changed the email address that the alerts are sent from but it is still happening. I have also deleted all rules so there isn't anything that I can see stopping it.


      Has anybody else seen this or is there something else that I can check?

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          Can you check and attach source code of the email - the header fields are especially important: it is possible that the email is detected as bounce/delivery notification failure message and dropped. When this happens it is logged in the application log file (/opt/oncall/logs/oncall.log file on the appliance) - you can check it on the appliance (or you can attach the log bundle here and I can take a look).