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    Configure CatTools to work with HP Switch 2920


      I now have sucessfully connected to the 2920 switch.  However, if i want to use an activity like "Device.CLI.Modify Config" with one simple command "int 5 name MIKE", i get a number of errors:


      Waiting for an echo of screen-length disable command                  2920 does not undetstand that. How do i disable this in CatTools ?

      Entering enable mode                                                                 After login, the user allready has management privilges. Can i tell CatTools to issue straight the configure command ?

      Waiting for an echo of system-view command                               No idea !  Is that needed ?


      How would i get CatTools to do:

      After login, issue command "configure"

      Then issue "int 5 name MIKE"

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          Please get into Variations of that particular device and you can see there are lot of default commands listed on each tab on grey color on the input boxes.


          Please do check in the box in front of those command and input appropriate commands instead of what is there by default. Or else after check the box just make that command as blank and try,