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    Custom port in Quality of Experience

    Mark Mattix

      Is it possible to monitor a custom service/port? I have a server that serves a critical application that many users depend on. This server connects to other databases around the network and since day one of implementation, the logon and load times have been terrible. Network speeds seem to be great, I can use Iperf in various locations and get over 300Mbps.


      Part of my problem with wanting to monitor this server is I'm not certain of all the ports being used for client communication. A Netstat shows most connections being on port 445 (Microsoft-DS) and I'm not sure if QoE can monitor this port? If QoE can monitor this port how will I then determine where the issue lies?


      Thanks for any advice!

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          Presently QoE supports only custom HTTP applications, and not the definition of custom apps via port / protocol. Certainly something we are interested in doing, but not available at this time. Currently QoE doesn't define applications specifically by port / protocol, but has a much more heuristic approach. If you check out the application library, we support ~1200 application signatures, and many MS AD / RPC signatures.