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    NPM11 and SQL Express


      I just downloaded and am getting ready to install NPM, NCM and SAM into my environment.  We do not have a large environment so I was hoping to install all 3 applications on 1 VM.  I was also hoping for the time being to use only SQL Express until we rebuild our SQL environment then I will migrate the DB to there.


      I built a VM with Server 2012 R2, and installed NPM 11.  When the configuration wizard ran, it prompted me for the database that I will be connecting to.  SQL Express was not an option and I can not see a locally installed version of SQL on my server.  According to the documentation, SQL should be an option to install.  Am I missing something?


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          Zak Kahl


          Yes, it will install SQL Express as an option.  All you have to do is choose the "Express Install" option during the installation process.  I would install NPM first then install the others the same way.  The install will install everything it needs in the process.


          Now, I just did this recently without any issues on a 2008 R2 server.  I also was using NPM 10.7, so its possible that this option may not be available with NPM 11.  Sorry, I haven't tried NPM 11 yet.





          Good Luck


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            I had same issue and opened a case. There are two different downloads for NPM, one without and one with SQL express. They support engineer had to send me the link to the one with SQL express.