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    "Custom Properties" field missing in Report Writer


      Just noticed today that of our custom reports that key in on Custom Fields were throwing errors when trying to load them. "System.ApplicationException: Field not specified or invalid at SolarWinds.Orion.Web.Reporting,,,"

      I went into Report Writer and went to one of our custom reports and where custom properties were in the "Select Fields" and "Filter" tab, it is now just "*". I tried readding the field, but noticed that the custom properties selection is missing under "Network Nodes".

      The custom fields are showing up fine in NPM and in the Advanced Alert Manager, it just seems to be affecting Report Writer.

      Anyone know what is going on or if anyone else has experienced this?

      EDIT: I just found a few reports that CustomProperties is listed.  It looks like it is a "Hardware" and "Interface"  report.  Any reports that use custom SQL also work.  It seems like the only reports that have it missing are "Current Status" and "Historical" reports.