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    Announcing GA of Virtualization Manager Service Release 6.1.1


      VMAN is now generally available in the Customer Portal for all customers on Active Maintenance. Several important issues were addressed in this Service Release including:


      • Significant security updates to the CentOS version shipped in the virtual appliance and it's 3rd party software
      • Fixed an issue where the Virtualization Manager tabs do not show up in Orion
      • Fixed a discrepancy between the CPU value utilization shown on the vCenter and in IVIM
      • Fixed a performance issue in the Orion Web Console
      • Fixed an issue where Virtualization Manager starts up slowly after upgrading to version 6.1
      • Improved the auto upgrade procedure
      • Fixed an issue with displaying status tool data
      • Improved the efficiency of midnight hourly roll-up operations
      • Improved the usability of the Synchronization Wizard
      • Fixed an issue with account limitations strings incorrectly displayed
      • Fixed an issue with charts not displaying all data for the selected time period
      • Fixed an issue with inconsistent polling source settings
      • Fixed an issue with creating List resources
      • Many other bug fixes and stability improvements!



      The update to the Orion Integration Module can also be found under the server downloads in your customer portal.

      Customer Portal - IVIM.jpg

      Integration with SolarWinds SAM or NPM provides visibility into the application stack from VM to virtual storage performance.

      • VMware® & Hyper-V® performance metrics
      • Capacity, utilization & performance of datastores & Hyper-V storage
      • Storage sub-views show a slice of the VM environment (vCenter, data center, cluster, ESX® hosts & VMs)
      • Metrics to monitor VM sprawl & reclaim CPU, memory & storage resources
      • Virtualization Manager reports & dashboards from Orion console


      6.1.1  is available now in your Customer Portal.

      Release notes may be found here