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    Websites table showing Web Server as the additional polling engine


      I have been having issues with the URL's being sent with Alert emails. The URL will reflect only the hostname(without domain name) of the primary polling engine regardless of which engine is assigned to a node that's alerting.  So in essence, the URL being sent looks like https://hostname/Orion/... when it should be https://hostname.my.domain.com/Orion/... and only reflecting the primary polling engine's name.  Is it possible to have the link be sent to reflect the web server's address instead of the polling engines?  As well as reflecting the domain name in the address?


      In an attempt to figure this out I ran a query against dbo.websites and found that the webserver is being labled as the additional polling engine in the database.  I know this is incorrect and should show the secondary polling engine's name and IP instead of the web sevrer's information.  How would we correct this issue?


      SolarWinds Platform Info: NPM 10.7 and NCM 7.2.2


      Thanks for any help in advance!!!


      PJ Martin

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