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    Another opportunity at CardinalHealth

    Leon Adato

      Cardinal Health (www.cardinalhealth.com) is a Fortune 500 health care services company based in Dublin, Ohio specializing in distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products


      Our Enterprise Systems Management group is looking for 1 more monitoring engineer with depth experience in SolarWinds


      The CardinalHealth's environment comprises roughly 10,000 devices (roughly 5,000 network and 5,000 server) across 150 locations (although there are 2 major data centers.).

      • Operating systems include Windows (all versions back to NT 4.0), Linux (Suse and RedHat), AIX, Tru-64, Solaris, iSeries, and VMWare, just to name a few.
      • Devices include every model of Cisco device ever made, BigIP F5, Avaya, Aruba, Dell, Compaq, DEC, EMC,
      • This environment generates approximately 12,000 tickets per month (some are manual, most are automated) which does not count de-duplicated events and those suppressed due to downstream root cause.
      • We see about 8,000,000 syslog messages per hour and about 3,000,000 trap messages per hour (although over 90%  are not actionable).
      • Monitoring and Management tools include SolarWinds (NPM, SAM, NTA, VMan, Kiwi Syslog), NetMRI, netQoS, Wiley, Coradiant, Ganglia, Cacti, Zenoss, Splunk, Sensage, Tivoli Omnibus, and much much more.


      IDEAL candidates would either live in or be willing to move to Dublin, Ohio (part of the Columbus metropolitan area). However we are considering remote candidates (see below) as well if they have the necessary experience and a track record of successful telework engagements.


      Principals only should contact Andy.Fox@cardinalhealth.com


      Employees can work remote, but must be in a country where CardinalHealth is already an established employer

      • America
      • Canada
      • Puerto Rico
      • China
      • Malaysia
      • any member of the E.U.
      • Lebanon