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    E-mail clients on new ticket only


      Currently we only have our Resolved ticket status set to auto-close and when it does that, it e-mails out to clients with a survey.


      We would now like an e-mail to go out when a ticket is opened as well, but not during every update.  I'm struggling to find this setting in the interface.


      To make things a bit more complicated, typically end users are e-mailing our IT department in the general mailbox and then we reply to the client and include our WHD e-mail address to start a new ticket, but it assigns that ticket to me because I sent the mail.  When I go into the ticket and re-assign it to the end user, I want the e-mail to go out, because it is a new ticket for them, although the ticket would have been generated with me as the client originally.



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          If the e-mail in this general mailbox are all IT support related, then you can create an email alias that links that email address to the WHD email.  Essentially, if the client emails either addy a ticket would be created.  There also is an option on Settings, Ticket, Options to only e-mail the client when the ticket is created.  This would only work create the ticket for them on their behalf instead of responding to them via email and CC'ing the WHD email address.