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    Dameware and GLPI


      Hi everybody....we are using DamerWare Remote Control v.9 and the Help- Desk/ Assesment Center GLPI...when i tried to setup a link like its written in this blog Dameware / Web Help Desk Integration, everything works fine, instead of filling out the Hostname. In the Assesment Center i got the Link dwrcc://[ip] (which is the argument for getting out the IP of the Client), so that i have a line under the assest like this: dwrcc:// When i now click on the link Dameware starts with the Arguments filled out i told Dameware (Password, and Username). I could not use the argument -m because the IP is only known in GLPI....so is there a possibility to get the IP fom the Link dwrcc:// into the hostname field from Dameware???