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    Change time zone




      We currently have our NPM, SAM and NTA server in the UK and Windows is using a GMT time zone. We now have teams from other locations using NPM, SAM and NTA. They face issues remembering that the server is GMT (well, currently GMT+1 since it's British Summer Time which makes it slightly more confusing!).


      If I change the time zone in Windows to be UTC, will this cause any issues with NPM, SAM and NTA, e.g. messing up polling schedules? Is there a procedure I need to following? e.g. restart all SolarWinds services afterwards?


      (btw, I know this isn't just a question about NPM but I don't think I can cross post to other forums?)



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          Stealing Rob's answer from Solarwinds server timezone change from AEST to UTC:

          You may lose a few hours of historical data and have some bogus alerts for a few minutes when it comes back up, but going forward there should be no issues. It would be advised to stop Orion services before making the change.

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            Leon Adato

            agreed with cobrien - when you change the boxes you may see IMMEDIATE issues, but nothing long term. If you have multiple pollers, make sure they ALL are set to the same time zone (otherwise you will have data that doesn't match up. Also make sure your database server is set to the same time zone as the primary poller. Having those two guys in different time settings (even if they physically sit next to each other) is a documented no-no.

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              I have also had issues with users un-managing their nodes and basically putting them in an infinite unmanaged state. All because Solarwinds' web console is confused at what time to display. Good luck

              All 20 Pollers, 2 Web Servers and the DB are on UTC, but it is not enough.