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    Getting the ticket custom fields to always show.


      How do i get the custom fields in a ticket to always show?


      From what i can figure out the custom fields will only show when they are linked to a request type. But what happens when you don't want them to link to a request type and you want them to always be there?


      Selecting all of the Request types is not really an option as this makes the setup page for each request type huge not to mention a nightmare to manage as things change. Not selecting a request type means it will never show, is this correct?.


      Any guidance would be appreciated.



        • Re: Getting the ticket custom fields to always show.

          There is no way to always included an custom field in a request.


          That being said there is an option under the custom field to apply them to multiple request types but I have not had any luck with it actually working yet.

          custom fields.jpg

          This screen (obviously your will be different) will open and allow you to select the locations in the tree you would like it to appear, if you have any luck with it let me know.