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    Adding custom menus, etc?


      We've recently moved from Spiceworks to the SolarWinds HD, and I have a few questions about accomplishing things we used to do in SolarWinds.


      • How do you remove "New Account" button on the login page? We use AD accounts for login.
      • Spiceworks had a system allowing you to overwrite styles, so we added things like open ticket counts for various users on the "full ticket list" page. I see there's "Group Tickets" as a count, but how can I add more? For example, we have a user/group called "Analyst" we would like to show the open ticket count for.
      • For techs, where is a quick search? I'm looking for a search box that I can type into and it searches most fields. Something simple and quick.
      • How can I add a menu to the helpdesk? I want to add a dropdown that lists "Useful links", available on the tech helpdesk page.
      • Can anyone explain this KB for me? Does it autologin to AD, or does it bypass accounts completely? http://knowledgebase.solarwinds.com/kb/questions/4241/How+To+Enable+Clients+To+Log+In+To+Web+Help+Desk+Without+A+Password



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          1. To disable the "New Account" button go under settings "Clients" -> "Options" and set "Client Can Create Account" to "No"

          new account.jpg

          2. You could add a widget to the dashboard for specific request types, go to advanced search and make a query, save it "analyst" and then add a widget using that query to the dashboard. you would need to add dashboard access to your agents permissions as well so they can see them.


          3. Quick Search? not to my knowledge, someone correct/educate me if I am wrong here.


          4. As far as I know there is not a way to add any menu's or content to the Help Desk page easily - you can edit the documents to add features if you are savvy enough, but finding the correct html document can sometime prove tricky - and there is no support. I have added a link to the ticket view for our remote support client. https://thwack.solarwinds.com/thread/67131


          5. I do not have any AD experience within WHD, so I will not speak to this one.

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