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    Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio? What is it for? How to Use?


      Hi Guys,

      I just observed this application in my work environment. It actually resides on the Database server that holds all our Solarwinds data.


      Kindly assist please.




      David Ibrahim.

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          It's the Windows studio to directly query and manage SQL Server instances. If you're interested enough to do some self-teaching, you can really find some great knowledge and understanding of your applications (not just SolarWinds) by wandering in their respective databases.


          Use SQL Server Management Studio


          My best advice would be to get a lab VM setup and restore a backup from your production server to get some 'live' data to work with in SQL. (DO NOT try to teach yourself SQL on a production database. There's really not an immediate "Undo" button* and changes can be devastating for your environment) Then read, read, and read some more. There are just a TON of free resources available on the internet to assist you in learning everything you want to know and more.


          Understanding SQL queries is not really required for SolarWinds administration, but it makes things so much more easy fun!


          Good luck!




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          * Well, to be honest, there is a way to get an 'Undo' button, and it's a really good lesson to learn for beginners: BEGIN TRANSACTION (Transact-SQL)