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    Top  MPLS High Utilization Sites


      Does Some one know how to generate a Report for the Top 10 MPLS High Utilization Sites . Could you please give me step to step process .

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          The easiest way would most likely be to mark your MPLS interfaces with a custom property and then modify an existing utilization report to limit results to only interfaces where "Node.CustomProperty.MPLS = True".




          From your SolarWinds website:


          Home Menu > Reports > Manage Reports > Add Report

              - From here, select "Custom Table" > Interface drop down (1) > Advanced selection option (2) > Select Field (3) > Select your custom property to limit on (4)



          Edit your table to add columns relative to your goals. If you are looking for the highest utilization percentages over the past week (for instance) you might grab the 'Caption' (name) from the Interface section (1), and then from the Interface Traffic History section you might grab utilization percentage metrics. Be sure to grab a timestamp metric as well so we can limit our results to the last 7 days!



          Now you want to edit your columns. At a minimum, we need to make the transmit and receive utilization columns an "Average" (1) and then we want to hide the Timestamp (2) column by using the associated check box for the column (3)



          On the bottom half of this page, you will see some more options for displaying your report. Do not worry about the time limitations here (1) as you will edit that in another window. I chose to sort my results by the highest overall utilization percentage (2) and only show the top 10% of all interfaces (3).


          Once you submit this page, you will be back on the main report editing page where you can name your report (1), address  layout options, and set the time interval for your data sources (2). We  will be setting this to 7 days, but you can set it to whatever you like with respect to your data retention intervals.



          Clicking next will take you to a preview of the report you have just created. From here, you can go back and edit more options for your table (or even add a nice chart to graphically represent your data), or continue forward and set properties and a schedule for your report if you want to.



          That's pretty much the basics. Of course, there are multiple ways of limiting your data outside of the custom properties; but generally they are the easiest. There are some good videos in the SolarWinds Video section as well for making web reports.


          Hope this helps!



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