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    Edit Custom Property Value




      How can I edit a Custom Property Value? I have a property of "AlertEmail" assigned to nodes. This has a drop down list value that users can choose from. But once I add values I can't change them?




      For example I want to edit value 2 but there's no option to edit. I can only remove value 2 and add a new value. But I'm pretty sure if I do that, the value will disappear from the nodes that are using it and I'd have to find each one and set the value again.


      If this can't be done via the web interface, can I edit the value via SQL?



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          OK, so I first tried editing the row in dbo.CustomPropertyValues SQL table. But the changes I made here didn't show in the web interface.


          So I used the Inspect Element in Chrome to remove disabled="disabled" from the input field for the HTML. Then I could edit the text box and submit the form via the web interface.


          But why can't we edit Custom Property values? Why are they disabled? This seems like a bit of an oversight or a bug to me?

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              The Manage Custom Properties page allows you to edit the available custom properties and, separately, to edit what those custom properties are set to for your nodes.  Those are two separate functions.  To me, it makes sense that if I'm editing the available custom properties for all of my nodes, I wouldn't want that to result in a change to what the custom properties for my nodes are actually set to.  I'm changing what's available, not changing what the nodes are set to.  As an example, to accomplish what you did without HTML hacks or getting into the SQL, you could do the following:


              1. Create a new value on the Edit Custom Properties page.
              2. Use the Custom Property Editor to change the properties assigned to your nodes:
                1. Group by the custom property you're working on.
                2. Select all the nodes with the old custom property value.
                3. Click "Edit multiple values" and adjust all of them to the new value.
              3. Remove the old value that is no longer in use on the Edit Custom Properties page.


              This provides a clean delineation between adjusting what properties are available and changing the properties selected for all of your nodes.  I understand you're trying to combine the step of changing the available values and the step of changing the values assigned to your existing nodes.  I think the way it is now is more intuitive and clear, but I could (and you have) made a good case that it would be more clear to allow the two steps to be combined too.


              Did the HTML hack you did actually apply to everything correctly?

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                  cobrien I did this same trick back before NPM 11.5 - now with mandatory custom properties and without the ability to set a default value we now need to be able to change the first choice in the list. Currently every node my engineers are adding are getting a default value of Desktop - none of which are.

                  I don't want to have to remove all my CP's until I can start adding them back "in order" so the first default value is first.