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    If only WOPR had been monitored by LEM and SAM...


      Found this while wandering the Internet.  "Hacking" in movies hasn't gotten a lot better since the 80's, but apparently Matthew Broderick was a go-to computer whiz!



      The portrayal of computers in movies has always been, to me at least, a little goofy.  One of the worst has to be Jurrasic Park's "I know this! This is a Unix system!"


      A Unix system with a 3D mouse-navigable UI.  Right.... Jurassic Park also gave us "You didn't say the magic word!"


      What technology goofs in movies bug you?  What problems could have been addressed with the right Solarwinds product?


      (Can we make the LEM send a "Restart the generators and restrain the velociraptors" active response?)


      Some of my favorites:

      • Cisco phone rings and shows something that is obviously an internal extension, but the character answers and claims it's something external: "It's the Boston Herald, they want to know about the outbreak!"  Really? The Herald has an office at extension 382?
      • People in movies always seem to have the font-size on their screen set to 256.  This is especially true if you're doing something you don't want anyone else to see.
      • Monitor brightness up so high that you can read the screen off the light reflected off a persons face
      • The floppy/CD/DVD of infinite holding: someone loads something on a system from a source that almost certainly couldn't have held the data required.  Like 6 5.25" floppies holding the secret to time travel.
      • Hacker pulls a file from another computer.  Just as s/he reaches the critical part of the document, the unwitting victim turns off their computer and POOF! The file is gone!  Because networks really work like that!
      • Unusable UIs: just...who would want to look at that and work with that all day? (You know who you are!)
      • Changes to your website/document/computer made by a hacker are visible on your screen in real-time
      • Computers make a noise every time they print a character on the screen
      • More monitors means more power!