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    Bug in Transfer Queue: MB transferred after pause and resume


      Hello -

      I'm a new user of FTP Voyager.

      I'm uploading a large file, and I've been pausing and resuming the transfer in an effort to troubleshoot some connectivity issues.  I'm uploading to a web server over explicit FTP over SSL.

      In doing so, I noticed that the count of "Transferred" data is being counted in correctly.


      When I resume a transfer, the amount of data transferred should start from the size of the file currently on the target server.  Instead, it is adding the amount that was previously transferred to the size of the file on the target server.  Each time I pause and resume, the amount transferred jumps even higher.


      The file I'm currently experimenting with is 429,386KB

      The server currently has 327,839 KB of that file uploaded to it.


      After several stops and restarts, the transfer queue says I now have transferred "937 MB of 419 MB" on that 1 file.


      Another quick resume and pause, and now it says I have transferred "1,249 MB of 419 MB"


      So that should be a pretty simple bug to fix.



      Separate but related issue:


      I will also note that when I have the transfer paused and I refresh the target directory, I see the current file size of the target file -- the amount that has been transferred so far.


      I resume the transfer, I see the transfer taking place in the transfer queue.  The file size in the target directory stays the same.  (Not a problem.)

      When I pause the transfer, the target directory updates, and suddenly shows the file size as being very small -- I believe it's just the amount that was transferred in the most recent block between "resume" and "pause"

      If I right click the target directory and choose "refresh", then the directory updates and once again shows the correct file size for the partially uploaded file.



      So those are two bugs that should be investigated.



      James Grove