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    Required Ports for Additional Web Server AWS


      The document "Port Requirements for SolarWinds Products" at http://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/Orion/docs/SolarWindsPortRequirements.pdf has many great lists of what is required for a particular module to connect and has proved very useful.

      The AWS section says that you only need port 80 but that is only from the browser's perspective (and that it could be 80 or 443 or anything else if you've changed it), but what about the other side that is going back to the core.

      In addition to the IIS web site, SWIS & SWISv3 are running on the AWS so I guess that we also require 17777/tcp back to the primary polling engine

      With a full complement of extra modules running on the Additional Polling Engines which need to be visible on the AWS:

      1.     are there any other ports required to the primary engine?

      2.     are any ports required to the SQL

      3.     have I missed any other requirements?

      Many thanks,