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    refreshing delay

    el bidro



      I would like to know how to reduce the delay that NPM takes before automatically refreshing the web pages.



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          Settings->Web Console Settings


          Page Refresh is third option from the top.



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              el bidro

              thanks a lot, that helped. another thing if you don't mind, i'm actually facing troubles with playing sounds when an alarm is taking place. In advanced alert manager, I do choose the sound to play as the trigger action and fill in the necessary conditions but no chance, I mean when i try the other actions as sending email, or logs it's okay, but nothing happens when i choose playing sound as an action. Can you help me on this.

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                  Leon Adato

                  The alert action to "play a sound" DOES work - on the server. The polling engine. Which is probably in the data center. As a virtual machine. Without a sound driver.


                  Yep, it's that dumb.


                  (Hint: So is "text to speech" - it WILL read out the alert. On the polling engine. )


                  So unless you are standing near the server rack, you aren't going to hear anything.