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    Why can I only see tickets assigned to me in the "Group Tickets" section?


      Good morning Thwack community,


      I am the help desk manager for a 4 man IT support team. We have had Web Help Desk for almost a year now and haven't run into this issue before.  After searching through the forums and checking a couple of similar posts I decided to make an account and ask myself and hopefully get some help with this issue.  In the "Group Tickets" section of WHD I was originally able to see all open, pending, awaiting customer, and recently resolved tickets in our organization.  When I logged in yesterday morning, for some reason, I was only able to view tickets assigned to me in the group tickets section.  Both "My Tickets" and "Group Tickets" read the same number of tickets and contain the same information.  I am still able to search for new tickets to begin assigning them and working on them as needed but would like to find the setting that would allow me to get back to the original company view.


      Has anyone had this issue before or can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this problem?