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    EMC Celerra Device, not polling.


      Hi I have an EMC Celerra which was added in to Storage Manager a few weeks ago and was collecting file and performance data as expected.


      Now, there is no performance data, or rather no recent performance data. It has stopped collecting this. The last poll currently shows 1.4 weeks ago and I cant see a way of starting the polling up again. The Device Collection Status shows "no on/off param set" and "no frequency param set" in the 'enabled in config' and 'polling frequency in config' fields respectively.  There is no 'device Config' cog for this in the all devices list to edit.


      I am using a Solaris server for the 'Unix Device List' and this is retrieving the shares and file stats ok. I have tried restarting the poller on the server that was set up as the proxy for this devices agent also, although I cant see what server that is now as the settings is unavailable. 


      Any ideas why it's stopped polling and where I can start it off again and how I can edit the settings of the device.


      Many thanks.

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          The missing information is collected directly from the Storage Manager server, not via a Storage Manager agent. Are you not seeing the Edit icon for the celerra in the All Devices page?


          Set the poller log level to DEBUG from the settings page

          Stop the storage manager poller service

          Locate the logs folder under the webapps\... folder

          Clear out the poller log

          Start the storage manager poller service


          The poller log should shed some light

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              Thanks HolyGuacamole


              I can see the Edit icon (Pencil) in the All Devices Page, just not the cog for device config for this device, which I assume is one of the devices that this is unavailable.


              I had expected that it was using the Storage Manager Server for collecting but had thought I had configured this somewhere, a'la the 'Manage Agent Assignments' Page for Arrays. Thank you for clearing that up. I have enabled debug logging and restarted the poller on the server, now to dig through the output... only 128k lines generated after service start to search  



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                OK having restarted the poller on the Storage Manager Server it is now showing as polling ok in the last x minutes and all is green and ticked, so i'll keep an eye out for performance graph populating. Simple solution, once you know the correct poller / agent to restart.


                Thanks again HolyGuacamole