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    How to fix "http://undefined" after IP change of Alert Central appliance


      So I tried out Alert Central in our dev environment which is a separate IP space.  After getting used to it and liking it I started to configure things so it would be ready for production which later turned out to be a bit of a mistake.

      When I tried to change the IP it "broke" all of my subscriptions to Orion services that wouldn't work even if I rebuilt them.  Other forum postings said "start from scratch" but I was already invested in this thing and determined to make it work.


      Long story short, I found the below query that fixed my "sources" issue but now all of my alerts read "Alert arrived from Orion instance at http://undefined" instead of "SAM" or whatever the source is named.


      For your reference here is the query I used to find/fix:


      SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[Subscriptions]

      --update subscriptions

      --set endpointaddress = 'http://alertcentral.cbn.local:80/Orion/AlertNotification/OnIndication' where endpointaddress = ''