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    Monitor DHCP scopes with UnDPs


      I am hoping to monitor Microsoft DHCP scopes and alert upon Number of Addresses Free being lower than a certain number of addresses. So far I have the Microsoft DHCP server node being monitored and I have the UnDPs with OID - (Number of Addresses Free). I can see that it is pulling the proper DHCP scopes and the number of addresses listed in the table do indeed match up with how many addresses are available per scope, so it is definitely monitoring correctly.




      The tricky part that I am dealing with is getting proper alerting. I have created an Advanced alert with the trigger of the following:




      To me that logic should mean, if noAddFree is less than or equal to 100, it should put many of these in the alert list and notify, but it just simply does not do anything. However, if I do Value is equal to 41 it will put an alert stating that Number of DHCP IPs Available and will notify. So it absolutely knows how to read the value but it can't do the simple logic like less than.


      Any thoughts or ideas?