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    WAN - Double-link Failure - Advanced Alerts


      Hello, I have a doubt about the advanced alerts. I want to monitor my 2 WAN links using OSPF because the interface status maybe up but protocol down. I´m using Routing Neighbors to monitor individually links and it´s working fine but now, I want to implement the Double-failure alert when two OSPF go down but when I put Neighbor IP is equal to X.X.X.X an another simple condition with Neighbor IP is equal to Y.Y.Y.Y the alert don´t work. I try to check the dbo.AlertDefinition and I agree that the query don´t work because Solarwinds put an AND between two conditions and the SQL try to find this IPs in the same line and they don´t return values. Anyone have an idea to implement this?



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          Post up a screen shot of your trigger. But it sounds like you need to use a Condition Group in your trigger.

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              My alert for Main link. Working OK.

              foto 1.jpg
              My alert for Stanby link. Working OK.

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              I tried building this alert but doesn´t work. If I put an any in the first condition group it doesn´t work because when the main link failed, the alert sends an e-mail and the idea is only send the alert when both links failures at the same time.

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                  Nest the IP Addresses.... create another ANY condition to hold those



                    -> Condition; to tie these together (same building/other custom property, naming structure/sequence to tie to or the Node/Site Name since it should be the same)  -- you may or may not need this additional condition to hone in on these    two specific links  but just know that if you do need it, put it here so it is caught by the ALL condition.

                       -> ALL

                            -> This IP

                            -> This IP

                       -> ANY

                           -> Is missing

                           -> Status = Down



                  So, Both IP must match the 2 neighbors, and 1 condition either that IP is down, or not reachable; must be true for this to trigger.

                  Test and let us know

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                Vinay BY

                Hi, I dont have an alert configured on routing neighbors but then from what I understand your alert will not work.


                You will have to go with a Custom SQL alert to achieve this (nested query alert).

                Type of Property to Monitor: Custom SQL Alert

                Set up your trigger query: : Routing Neighbors

                Please check the below posts (you will have to create a similar alert):



                Hope this helps