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    Maps - MPLS - Link utilization


      dashedline.jpgDear SW community,


      After many years we finally started to use MAPS in NPM.


      Like most organizations, we use multi point WAN solutions (e.g. MPLS) and discovered that whilst using Atlas and connect MPLS Nodes (Routers) and then tell the connecting line to show link utilization - the result is a dashed line and a pop up that says these nodes are no longer connected. If we tried a LAN connection we didn't have a problem, but unfortunately, LAN connections are of little concern - we need a pictorial representation of the WAN links.

      We tried Nodes and we tried the WAN interfaces - nothing changes.


      We opened a support case and were told it wasn't supported (MPLS or other multipoint Networks).


      Has anyone experienced this and if so did you have a work around ?


      Kind Regards,