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    How do I?...


      I'm trying to embed (not sure if this is the right term), an external webpage into the ORION dashboard.  The content shows the outage map for our area and will be helpful to correlate it with network outages.  The service is available on the website, how do I go about and embedding that into the dashboard?


      Any help is appreciated.



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          Vinay BY

          Check for the steps under "Creating and Editing External Website Views" on NPM Admin Guide


          1. Settings -> Customize Navigation & Look -> External Websites

          2. You might as well want to check Settings -> Customize Navigation & Look -> Customize Menu Bars (to understand where do you want this website in place)

          3. This Menu Bars would be linked to the account that you are using to login -> Check -> Settings -> User Accounts -> Manage Accounts (just select the user that you are accessing to login , click on edit and check whats under Default Menu Bar and Views)

          4. Below is the direct link to Admin guide



          Point 2 & 3 are not that important at this stage , Work on Point 1 initially lets look into 2 & 3 later if required.


          Hope it helps

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            Vinay BY

            Hi there, did you give it a try ? Did the solution work for you @randal

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              Embedding custom HTML is possible and routinely done, I have several myself.  Can the outage map you are looking to embed be shared for further testing?

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                I know this is old but thought I would still contribute just in case you're still unsure:


                You need to go into the page customisation settings and add a resource call 'custom html'. Once added, go back to the page you just added it onto and edit it. You need to anchor the site you want to embed between an iframe as follows:


                <iframe src="put your full website address here" width="100%" height=500 scrolling=no align=center></iframe>


                You might need to play around with the width and height to get the site as you want it within the page.

                If you want full customisation ( like specific positioning ) you'll need to dip into some html, CSS. What I did was use the custom HTML box to reference a local html file on our solarwinds server, which had an iframe and a CSS file which gave full customisation.


                What I achieved by doing this: