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    How do I delete old VMWare ESX servers from Storage Manager?


      I've recently upgraded to Storage Manager 5.7 and really like the new Storage Manager Health Status screen.


      What it has picked up, is that I have lots (100+) of old "ghost" devices which are old decommissioned ESX servers.  These devices don't appear in the "All Devices" screen where I could delete them and they aren't (or never were) assigned to an agent for monitoring.

      Storage Manager obviously knew about these ESX servers from querying the Vcenter instances at some point in time but even when those old servers have been deleted from Vcentre, SM still "remembers" them and considers them as "down" devices.


      So is there a way I can get SM to forget about these old ESX servers - some of which were decommissioned 3+ years ago?