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    Account limitations - interfaces on restricted nodes


      I am having some trouble limiting accounts in the way that I need it to work.


      As an example... I have a customer, Acme, for whom I am monitoring a bunch of devices.  Each device has a custom property called CustomerName that I was using as their account limitation.  That works fine... however....


      This customer also has internet service from us in two geographical locations.  I need to be able to make these ports visible to them, but they are on OUR switches, and I need to hide the rest of the interfaces from them.


      I created a group, Acme Limitation, that contains all devices where CustomerName = Acme and then added the internet switch ports.  But then when I set their account limitation to Single Group | Acme Limitation, their account can only see OUR switches (where the internet ports are), ALL of the ports on those switches, and none of their own devices.  If I remove the interfaces and leave their devices in the group, the account can't see anything.


      So I have two questions:

      1. I have read various posts here indicating that Group limitations should work after version 10.4.  I am running 10.7.  Should I open a support case?

      2. If I can't use groups, how can I make this work in a different way?  So far, everything else I've tried has failed. 

           a. Limitation - Customer Name = Acme and Group of Interfaces = the internet ports in question - results are that they can see their own stuff, but can't see the internet interfaces using a view created specifically for this purpose.

           d. Same limitation as above, but add a Group of Nodes limitation that includes all of the internet core switches where their ports are located - results are that they can't see anything at all (this is a very strange result, in my opinion - I would expect them to be able to see something!)


      Am I going to have to give them two separate accounts, one to view their stuff and another to view their internet ports?  I hope that's not the only answer, as I have other customers in the same situation and anticipate having several more....


      Thanks for any feedback....