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    Virtualization Manager 6.1.1 Service Release RC is Now Available


      Hi All!


      The VMAN 6.1.1 RC is now available in the Customer Portal for all customers on Active Maintenance through 8/1/2014. Several important issues were addressed in this Service Release including:


      • Significant security updates to the CentOS version shipped in the virtual appliance and it's 3rd party software
      • Fixed an issue where the Virtualization Manager tabs do not show up in Orion
      • Fixed a discrepancy between the CPU value utilization shown on the vCenter and in IVIM
      • Fixed a performance issue in the Orion Web Console
      • Fixed an issue where Virtualization Manager starts up slowly after upgrading to version 6.1
      • Improved the autoupgrade procedure
      • Fixed an issue with displaying status tool data
      • Improved the efficiency of midnight hourly rollup operations
      • Improved the usability of the Synchronization Wizard
      • Fixed an issue with account limitations strings incorrectly displayed
      • Fixed an issue with charts not displaying all data for the selected time period
      • Fixed an issue with inconsistent polling source settings
      • Fixed an issue with creating List resources
      • Many other bug fixes and stability improvements!


      Please let us know if you have any feedback!