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    Creating a Custom Filtered Report




      After reading this article SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Creating a Custom Filtered Report have a feeling that LEM report is not strong side of Solarwind.


      Few thing i didnt like:

      1) Quote: "Note: Starting with Windows Vista, Windows stopped allowing file properties to be edited in the fashion described below. As a workaround, consider editing the file properties on an XP system to ensure your custom report displays properly in the Reports console."


      Windows XP? Its Done, no support for Windows XP. So to configure "advanced" report i have to leave Windows XP virtual pc. It's not good solution at all.


      2) I have to create report first and then I have choice "Select Expert". No good.



      Anyone can disagree with me? Or maybe i'm not getting something....



      Thanks for future comment.



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          Hey Andrew,


          I think there's a little misunderstanding as far as the need for Windows XP.  The issue that is being addressed there is that Custom Reports don't have descriptive titles by default.


          2014-07-16 11_11_39-SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Reports.png


          If you want to set these titles, you need to edit the file properties.  Windows XP made this super easy, and Windows Vista/7/8 doesn't.  You can change file properties like this: Change the properties for a file and you can even add custom properties, but I don't have an XP machine laying around either and I don't know what the name of that property was to edit it in new Windows.  Either way, you don't need XP to make custom reports.


          As for the custom reports: yes, you have to run a report.  This brings the fields and values for a given report into the reports console.  We suggest running a report for the last 30 minutes, customizing and saving, and running the customized report for the span of days or weeks required.  This usually takes a small amount of time, since it's such a recent and small time-frame.  You can set filters to look for values not included in the report that results, so you only need the report to pull in the right fields from the query.