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    Why develop LED cob technology?


      LED Back-ground (light emitting diode) technology is the advantage of saving energy, also can have long lifespan. Compare with the traditional lamp such as fluorescent lighting. But as the smd led technology give the point lighting ,sometimes the eyes feeling is not good enough,cause uncomfortable glare. So if no use the opitical leds cover, the SMD led lighting always have glare and zebra strips when lighting. But if use the optical lens cover, the led lighting efficiency will drop ,the flux will drop also.


      It is so diffrent with the SMD led package technology,COB LED lighting use multi chips packaged, it more than 10 times increase led lighting area,it asure comfortable glare by the maximum extent.


      TCOBLED.com use the top multi chips to make COB LED package.


      till now, with small size chip, servral famous LED chip manufacturer have reached 300lm/watt @ 20mA. Compare the big size LED chip only reach 161 lm/watt @350mA. So when the led chip size is big,The led light efficacy will low. Also the LED driver increase current to LED chips, the led lightings efficacy per watt is low.


      The top COB led package with small size chips with proffesinal technology.tcobled.com holds the patent for invention for COB LED lighting.


      Advantage of top COB led technology

      TOP COB LED has a lot of advantges.

      Application of COB Technology


      1, TOP COB LED lighting sources


      2, LED lightings fixture which use top COB LED lighting source


      3,TOP COB LED lighting, the most advantage is high luminous efficiency ,it can reach 125-145lm/w , and with low working temperature ,

      no more than 55degree. It asure more than 10 years using time.