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    Orion alerts missing - Due to licensing ?


      For few weeks we are not receiving down/up alerts from a specific orion node (cisco router) however we are receiving packet loss alerts. After analyzing my logs Orion tech told this is due to Licensing issue. Our license details are below,


      NPM & NTA (SL 250)

      SAM# ALX

      VNQM (IPSLA25)


      Current license and used nodes are below,




      While purchasing SAM the sales team mentioned that we can able to monitor 'N' no. of nodes in SAM ALX.   We using NPM for Ciso devices and other servers on SAM. Around 72 cisco nodes are using SNMP polling and 26 servers are using WMI polling.  All modules in same polling machine. Per Orion tech the NPM is consuming all node license (534 nodes in monitoring/250 license).  Also he mentioned that we need to use separate server for SAM for unlimited Node monitoring.  Could some help to fix this. Any way to segregate NPM and SAM nodes (for both modules in same server)


      Note# We are getting alerts from few nodes which we add recently.