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    How can I find an send/delivered SMS?

    remi f



      Today there was an event:

        15-7-2014 6:33:49 EventNode Fil5053_WS2000 is Down.


      This event triggered an alert and the alert has send an SMS.


      My question is where can I find that there was an email or SMS send? My colleague acknowledged that he has received this SMS, but I can't find this in the triggered alert list.


      In our Managed Alerts I can not find a logical name for this application and now I don't know which alert I need to change. We are not using Alert Central only Alert Manager.


      I know our next step would be that I am making the name of the alerts matching the Monitors


      Please help.


      Regard Remi

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          If you look at Active Alert (View->Active Alerts) under the Alert Manager application running on your Solarwinds server, you should be able to see the Alert Name which corresponds to the object or node that triggered the alarm.

          The same is possible in the web console under 'Alerts'.


          Once you know the alert you need to edit, then you can set the necessary actions and test them before making live.

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            So, the SMS message is going to come from the 'Execute program : powershell.exe ... "C:\Alert_Scripts\SMS_Alert.ps1" action. This action is called for both your trigger and reset


            This would be a custom powershell script written by somebody in your organisation. I would suggest reviewing this powershell script if necessary.


            When an event occurs (node down), if an associated alert action exists (i.e. email, write to solarwinds event and then execute a program when said node goes down) then only the main action will be notified in your event logs (node down) and only the name of the alert action 'KA: Alert me when a node goes down' will appear in your alerts log.

            To my knowledge, solarwinds is unlikely to know about the triggering of the powershell script, or receive any direct results. That powershell script will trigger a SMS to be sent via the necessary equipment with values passed from your solarwinds server.


            We only write to the event log and email out.