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    SnapMirror monitoring in STM 5.7.1 Hotfix 1


      I am running the above release of STM. I have 8 NetApp HA pairs in my enterprise, and am pointing STM at a NetApp Operations Manager server for my NetApp info.


      As one might expect, we use DFM/DPM as the "brain" for all of our SnapMirrors as well, rather than configure SnapMirrors on the individual filers. Therefore, there is no snapmirror.conf file on the filers, which is, from what I understand, where STM obtains all of its information about SnapMirror relationships.


      I have come to find through a support call that if I manually create a snapmirror.conf file on the filer, and list the relationships there in the proper format, that STM will pick up on them and will perform accurate reporting on the SnapMirror pairs. This is great but it leaves me with one drawback and one question:


      1) The drawback is that I would then need to set up all of these relationships manually in the snapmirror.conf files, and would need to edit them as new pairs appear and old ones disappear.

      2) I am concerned that having information in the snapmirror.conf AND in DFM/DPM will somehow cause issues with the filers and their data protection.


      Is there any way to get STM to use DFM/DPM as the source for my SnapMirror information, or is manual editing my only option?


      Thanks and sorry if my searches did not pick up an already covered discussion about this.