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    Scalability of groups using dynamic queries




      We're starting to use dynamic queries quite extensively to add elements to groups used for parent/ child dependencies. I'm wondering if there is real-world experience in the community as to how far these can scale e.g. would creating a group with c.3000 elements cause any issues such as database load or speed of response.


      All comment / opinion welcome.



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          I don't have a group with that number of elements directly in it, instead I have a hierarchical structure, e.g.:


          whose members are


          whose members are



          My largest sector (the UW) has 351 buildings in it (and ~4300 nodes spread across those). I did once put them into one group, but it didn't give me anything meaningful in terms of reporting,

          I wrote a perl script to build the groups and their dynamic queries automatically, so I didn't have to create all of these by hand!