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    Manually link to a map in Atlas?

      I'm trying to create a simple breadcrumb trail of sorts in each of my maps.  For instance, if you're viewing the United States and you click on California, it would load the California map which would have a link back up to California.  It works, the problem is that if I do this by dragging the US map onto the California map to create the link, I seem to run into a recursion problem in which it can never get the status of the map.  I know I can manually create an object and link it to the URL of the map in the Orion web interface, but this seems clunky.  Is there any other way to link to a map?
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          Do you mean, something like a drill down map, where you start on USA, see a problem or node error, using your example California.  Which when clicked on the map, swiches to the california map and then a smaller sub section of california say L.A. and so on and so on till you reach the node at fault?

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            If you don't mind some manual work - add a label to your map and click on it's properties. Then add the URL for the parent map. Name the label what you want and now it's a navigation object.

            Gotta do what you gotta do - hope it's not too many maps?

            If so have you looked at NPM 11.5? The world map now handles groups on the map - I switched to all Groups and no nodes - now everyone can click through the world map and just use the - or the zoom fully out button to go back up. 10/10 recommend